Gitochige (Anishinaabemowin, "plays an instrument") tracks the online media consumption of a mixed Anishinaabekwe (Lac Seul First Nation) graduate student. Interests include Indigenous Studies, Ethnomusicology, decolonization theory, world music 2.0, hip-hop, experimental music, strings and percussion performance, Two-Spirited & queer issues, and cycling advocacy.

You Fight Injustice With The Advocates You Have


Odd title aside, while I agreed with comments that a white woman’s right to compete in a beauty pageant is a little, ‘meh.’

I definitely don’t agree with shaming any women, ever, about not being an awesome SJ warrior.

People shaming her for being nervous, not knowing much about trans* politics. Fuck ‘em.

Agreed, but let’s not whitewash her - she’s from Lake Babine First Nation. 

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